1st Baltic Music Channel supports Russian movies in Sweden

The IX Annual Russian Movie Festival, KinoRurik, takes place in the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Uppsala between March 20th and March 30th, 2008. With exclusive TV rights, the organisers of the festival have invited the 1st Baltic Music Channel (1BM). 1BM provides musical accompaniment to screenings, the after party and the final days of the movie festival on March 29 and March 30 in Stockholm.  

A team from the 1BM programme Zvezdolet will attend the KinoRurik movie festival: Moderator Andrei Volkov, Producer Viktor Shvarc, Operator Sergei Maltsev and the Director of the Channel, Victoria Vorobjova. Representatives of the channel will attend screenings of the most important films of the movie festival as well as interview the organisers, star guests and Swedish viewers. Further detailed information from backstage life, high society (Swedish) parties and presentations will be shown in “Zvezdolot” on 1BM which have already started in April, 2008. 

The closing evening IX Russian movie festival will take place on March 29th. Members from the Russian elite in Sweden will be entertained by host, DJ Andrei Volkov. A special surprise for guests of the movie festival will be a performance from the popular Ukrainian singer Anna Voitjuk. 1BM has invited her especially for the Swedish audience. 

“We enthusiastically responded to the invitation from the organisers of the movie festival to participate in the preparation of the event”, tells the director of 1BM Victoria Vorobjova, “We have received so many letters from Russian speaking viewers in Sweden who watch our music channel and eagerly await the possibility to participate in a live show. In the not too distant future, this opportunity will be given to them”, says V. Vorobjova.  

Member of the Board of the society Russian House and Director of presentations in the KinoRurik festival, Andrej Lakstigal, emphasised that, taking into consideration the large amount Russian speaking population in Sweden – approx. 20 thousand people – it is very important to organise events which help to maintain the cultural identity of the Russian speaking inhabitants of the country. “We wish to say a special thank you to the management of 1BM for their responsiveness and support in the organisation of the musical accompaniment of the festival”, mentions Andrej Lakstigal, adding that the Russian speaking population of Sweden and Latvia have a lot in common – both a cultural heritage as well as current problems. One of the most painful issues in Sweden currently is the lack of Russian information sources.

Victoria Vorobjova marks that already this April; viewers of 1BM in Sweden will be offered the possibility to participate in voting for their favourite videos, to order music and to chat with audiences around the three Baltic States. “1BM broadcasting goes far beyond the framework of the Baltics, therefore a decision was made on a strategic level to attract Swedish viewers to participate in an interactive broadcast as well”, explains Director of 1BM, V. Vorobjova.