Revenue for the JSC Baltic Media Alliance increased by 30% for the year ending 2007

Revenue in 2007 from BMA increased on average by 30%. “In specific figures, the revenue of ВМА was more than 15M Euros last year”, describes ВМА Chairman of the Board Oleg Solodov, adding that ВМА’s predicted turnover in 2008 is 20M Euros.

Revenue from advertising on the First Baltic Channel (PBK) in the three Baltic States increased by 30%, however REN TV Baltija increased by almost 60%. Out of the three Baltic states the largest increase in a coefficient percentage in advertising sales on PBK was registered in Estonia followed by Lithuania and Latvia. Mr Solodov mentions that the these figures were due to an increase in the demand for advertising placements on the ВМА’s Russian speaking channels. “It is important to note that irrespective of increase of revenue from sales of advertising at this moment, our channels are not as overloaded with advertising compared with our competitors on the market”, explains Oleg Solodov. 

The planned turnover of the Baltic Media Alliance in 2008 is 20M Euros. One of the priorities this year, like the year before, is television, investments in which make some 3 mil. Euros. Furthermore, a significant share of financial investments will be aimed at the creation and development of new electronic mass information media based on the new generation of information technologies.

The BMA Chairman of the Board, O. Solodov, mentioned that, in 2008, the priority goals of the holding are: The strengthening of its position in media market and increase of commercial share in the Baltic States. “We plan to expand the holding through the acquisition of new media players in Lithuania and Estonia, creating our own new electronic mass media. Additionally, we are currently holding negotiations regarding the acquisition of a large Russian television channel”, remarked Oleg Solodov.