The “Choir of Turecky”

On May 1st at ARENA Riga there was an amazing concert by the Turecky Choir performing a new programme – “Hallelujah to love”.

According to some well-known music critics, the Turecky Choir is currently one of the best classical acts in the world. The incredible popularity of this particular group can be easily explained: It is simply due to their active and vibrant emergence into the life of musical culture, excellent stage performances, perfect musical tastes, delicately unique harmony and all of this combined with the collaboration of Mikhail Turecky’s superb sense of humour and artistic enthusiasm – more than enough to guarantee a sell out concert. The choir is formed of the acclaimed operatic talent, Rachmaninov and Golden Orpheus – acclaimed musicians of Russia. Some of the masterpieces from the memorable German, French and Italian operas of Verdi, Mozart and Wagner performed by this music group are quite simply astonishing!

Classical through to folklore, opera through to rock, romantic and funny songs, spiritual music through to rock’ n’ roll, pop, jazz, blues – amazing compositions which are performed in ten languages, live, accompanied or in acappela in their own inimitable style. The Turecky choir with its new programme “Hallelujah to love” in addition to already recognised melodies offers up their new lyrical compositions about love, passion and adoration. It was rather surprising to hear their original interpretations of French lyrist, Joe Dassin, rock ballads by the “Scorpions”, and ,of course, the legendary rock opera ”Juno and Avos”. A real gem was their Russian version of the mild and sensitive “Vivo Per Lei” from world-famous Italian tenor Andrea Boccelli.

Moreover, this talented Turecky choir was able to command a much broader appeal with another exclusive performance – a male cancan performed by ten amazing men evoking incredible attention and appeal for the ladies in the audience!


It really was a magical party of song and dance which took place at ARĒNA Riga on May 1st!