About BMA

Baltijas Mediju Alianse is an international media group, whose operations spread across three Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and include broadcasting of television channels, mobile media (internet and public transport) and content production for television and other media. BMA media holding comprises 11 business units in three Baltic countries and is among the largest Baltic media holdings.

BMA is the Baltic’s market leader in terms of the media outlets targeted specifically for the national minorities and the overall number of reached audience.

Headquarters is located in Riga, with two branch offices in Tallinn and Vilnius. There are altogether more than 200 of employees in BMA units in all of the three Baltic countries.

The media group comprises these principal media:

  • Three versions of TV channel «Pirmais Baltijas kanāls” (PBK, one – for each country respectively);
  • TV channels based on the content of Russian REN TV channel;
  • TV channels based on the content of Russian NTV-Mir channel
  • 24/7 interactive TV channel „Baltic Music Channel One”;
  • TV channels of digital family: „Dom Kino”, „Telecafe”, „Vremja”, „Muzika Pervogo”, „ Carousel”;
  • Major weekly papers „MK-Latvia” and „MK-Estonia”;
  • Mobile TV channel in public transport in Riga MASSmedia.

BMA owns one of the Baltic’s best professional sales-houses in advertising in electronic and publishing media – Baltijas Mediju Reklāma. BMA offers services of broadcasting, advertising sales, marketing and channel distribution that hold foreign jurisdiction yet are broadcasted in the Baltics.

The main focus of the company is to meet and exceed our Baltic audience’s expectations of the local and global media content whilst producing content of prime quality.

Media of BMA is a comprehensive and entertaining accompaniment of our audience, able to interact with the public in their language at any time.

CEO Review

We appreciate your taking time to visit our website and consider information presented herein. We are proud to share it with you, because we believe we have accomplished a lot throughout the existence of BMA and companies inside the holding.

We are grateful to our audience for their interest, loyalty, and feedback, and to our partners – for their trust, different view of the media world, and uncompromising attitude – all that enables us to develop, try new things, and never get complacent. Which direction do we keep walking? The one that we know best and the one that BMA has achieved major success in the course of the years. Television? Yes, but not just that. “Television” as a term meaning a form of information (video+audio) and a specific way of transmitting it – is so last century. The only thing that matters nowadays is the video content itself and the fact of its delivery to a viewer. Therefore, BMA is flying the flag with a slogan on it “Content and Penetration”.

In the environment when technological platforms develop drastically, and when some providers and developers compete with others in speed, ease and availability of their technology, control over content remains the key and primary success factor in any media business. Along with the material of the principal Russian TV channels as presented in our versions, BMA provides its audience with information and entertainment produced at the highest level and meeting the widest range of interests and demands. We offer the most top-rated Russian (and other) shows, newscasts, films, and series through the ever-growing number of our TV channels. The number of independent content providers increases year by year, which allows us diversifying our audience efficiently. Although we still focus on (Russian-speaking) minorities in the Baltics, practically the entire Baltic audience is invited to our TV channels because of the versatility of topics, diversity and high quality of TV products along with new accessibility options. It will also be driven by even bigger localisation of broadcasts, including local production and translation of programmes to national languages.

Still, no matter how great the content, the importance of its delivery to the consumer should not be diminished. Given the complicated foreign policy circumstances, media control is increasing, which has its negative effect on the business. We want our mature, intelligent and independent viewer to receive the desired content without impediment. Therefore, we are interested in providing our audience with the easiest and most affordable way of getting it. Our priority and strategic objective for the next few years is to digitalise broadcasting of the content of our channels and to provide an opportunity of getting it a) by the largest audience possible, b) on all thinkable modern platforms, c) in as many display modes as possible. Nearly all units of our holding participate in implementation of these goals. To be more specific, in the coming years, BMA plans to advance both its own alternative media content carriers like web platforms and mobile media, and the new channels of delivering audio-visual information.

BMA acknowledges the social responsibility of its media and its intention to continue demonstrating high international standards of broadcasting and ethics of journalism, as well as to facilitate the defence of democratic values and institutions in countries of our operation. BMA is very grateful to its partners for their remarkable co-operation and support. As before, we remain open to collaborative work in all public or commercial areas.

Anton Blinov, CEO