Development Strategy

Our Mission

We prioritise the development of media assets in the Baltic countries in order to offer each and every single one of our viewers an opportunity to receive qualitative, objective, captivating and entertaining content. This motivation, combined with a strong spirit of collaboration, is what maintains our presence in the upper echelons of the creative community. This is all for one sole purpose – to execute your vision, and this is delivered seamlessly through a fast and individualised service. We are compelled to innovate and raise the standards, to deliver the absolute best of what the industry has to offer. Supported by qualitative MSM, technological expertise and resources provided by our team of highly professional staff, BMA is equipped to meet the ever-changing requirements and demands of the media market.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise the competitiveness of the BMA companies on the market, to preserve and accumulate income, and to increase profitability of the companies by offering a superior range of services to all our clients, who, in turn, seek to establish partnerships which are beneficial to both parties.

In order to achieve these strategic goals, we have set the following objectives:

• Purchase of premiere TV programs and motion pictures from leading Russian and western producers along with TV channels which are in line with BMA strategic development concepts.

• Expanding the presence of the groups within the Lithuanian and Estonian markets.

• Integration of innovative electronic MSM embracing the new generation of information technologies.

• Development of new advertising possibilities and solutions for BMA corporate clients.

Our Values:

• Professionalism and high quality services.

• Editorial independence and freedom of expression.

• Long-term innovation-based development.

• Maintenance of long-lasting sustainable relationships with partners.

• Openness and transparency for shareholders, partners and public consumers.

We understand our Corporate Social Responsibility which is why we are involved with and participate thoroughly in the social life of the Baltics by offering informational and financial support to social services, education and culture.