History of the Baltijas Mediju Alianse

The foundation of the Baltijas Mediju Alianse is closely connected with the activities of the TEM Group which emerged on the Baltic market back in 1995. At that time, one of these companies – JSC TEM ART GROUP launched a major advertisement campaign on the most popular Russian TV channel – ORT.

Three years later, the company JSC TEM ART GROUP gained a competitive edge by securing the rights to rebroadcast the channel ORT in Latvia.

In 1999 another company from the Group –ТЕМ TV Ltd., started to expand on the reach of the ОRТ channel by signing a licence agreement with one of the largest cable TV operators distributing it to all three Baltic countries.
2002 proved to be fundamental for the history of BMA with the set-up and registration of Pirmais Baltijas kanāls Ltd. (PBK) and MK Baltija Ltd. which brought the new weekly МК-Latvia to market with the first editions going to print in the summer of that year.

January 2003 saw the pan-Baltic broadcast of PBK as it is known it today. For the first time in the history of an independent Latvia, we were granted a National Radio and Television Council Licence to broadcast via satellite.

2004 celebrated the release of the weekly MK-Estonia, which immediately ranked highly in the popularity indices of the Russian print editions in Estonia.

Over the following year, two more channels began broadcasting almost simultaneously– REN TV Baltic and 1. Baltijas Muzikālais kanāls (the 1st Baltic Music Channel) – serviced by BMA and produced within the group.

This broad scope of media activities and services called for the restructuring of the group and as a result, in September 2007, these companies merged to form a new venture – Baltijas Mediju Alianse, thus optimising the activities of all the companies within the group.

At present, BMAs interests lay with: Pirmais Baltijas Kanāls, 1. Baltijas Muzikālais kanāls, REN TV Baltic, NTV Mir Baltic,ТЕМ TV Ltd. – the company which sells TV channels to the cable operators and other clients, a new edition to the weekly MK- World Weekly Латвия (MK World Weekly Latvia) – the company Izdevniecības nams PRINT MEDIA (Publishing House PRINT MEDIA), Baltijas Mediju Reklāma Ltd. (Baltic Media Advertisement) – responsible for advertisements sales, the Russian language international TV channel – ТВЦ – International (TVCI), along with four TV channels which form the Digital TV family (CT).