Channel distribution

SIA “TEM LV” is part of a BMA media holding and is an official popular television channel distributor on the Republic of Latvia territory.  Channels include: Pirmais Baltijas kanāls (First Baltic Channel), NTV-Mir Baltic, REN TV Baltic (a Baltic version of REN TV channel), First Baltic Music Channel and also channels that are part of a “Telesemya”(Digital telefamily): Dom Kino, Vremya, Carousel, First channel’s Music, Telecafe.

The key focus of the “TEM LV” company is distribution and legal protection of the channels represented by BMA in the Republic of Latvia. Throughout the years of existence, the company has established itself as a strong and stable media world player. Presence of top-rated channels with unique and high quality content allows not only maintaining viewers, but also supporting a positive dynamic of the audience’s interest’s growth.

Performance of thematic channels represented by “TEM LV” has been awarded several times with the most prestigious European and Russian awards.

On 25thNovember, 2011, statuettes of the thematic TV were awarded in Venice as a prize of a top-tier European premium – TV HOT BIRDS AWARD.

Carousel channel, as the winner in the “Best children channel” nomination, scored a well-deserved award. In February 2012, in Moscow, two channels of Telesemya each received an award dedicated to digital television – “Big number”. Dom Kino became the best “Film channel” whilst Telecafe managed to outshine its competitors in “Lifestyle channel” category. Similar top-awards were also given in 2013 and 2014. It is important to note, that the winners were not only selected by the expert jury, but also voted by the viewers.

A prominent part of TEM LV is a strong and trustworthy relationship that the company has built and developed with the partners: operators of cable and digital, analogue cable, IP-television and satellite television.

Paid television’s development, which gravitates towards interactivity and contents personalization, forces a viewer to take its adjustments into consideration. In the age of a fast-emerging market, TEM LV ensures to conduct all the necessary preliminary activities to maintain a competitive offer.

Dom Kino. Cinema with a view of the stars.

  Dom Kino – a channel for true lovers of domestic cinema.

Day and night, in highest quality possible, we demonstrate to our viewers the best movies of films of Russian directors, blockbusters, film-winners of top film festivals, classics of national cinema, new auteur films and brand new TV series.

Thematic retrospectives of films, a unique offer of Dom kino, gather a large audience of cinema gourmands. Furthermore, on Dom kino you can watch films shown in honor to birthday’s, creative jubilees of famous actors, directors and screenwriters, whose names have forever made it into the Russian cinema.

Each year the channel offers tens of cinema premiers, exclusively before their release of federal channel.

Dom kino – 24 hours of cinematic broadcast.

Carousel Channel is a bright kaleidoscope of the best educational and entertainment shows, beloved films and cartoons, exhilarating quizzes, and game projects. The channel targets a younger audience – children and teenagers. Despite channel’s young age, it has proved to be majorly successful amongst its young  viewers. It is all thanks, first of all, to such projects as: “Sports – is a science”, “Everything you wanted to ask, but where afraid to”, “Olympians”, “Lazytown”, “Hundreds of ideas for friends”, “Underwater count”, “Homework rescue service”, etc.

First channel’s Music. All things Russian in style.

First channel’s Music – is the best music videos, live shows, music charts 24/7 all in a brand new widescreen quality. It is a specter of the entire contemporary Russian music – from pop to classical rock, fresh styles to time-tested hits. The channel works together with leading productions centres to daily expand the music library.

Timur Rodriguez (a highly popular Russian singer): ‘ I am convinced that music television, first of all, should be all about music! In today’s world, when a hunger for profit prevents from a true missions of bringing a real music television to the audience, we should all be grateful to those who did not forget about it. Music is love! It has always been a tool that immediately brings you to life. Follow my video on First channel’s Music!’

A combination of a hand-picked videos, stylish design and widescreen image, defines an unrepeatable channel’s format – new musical formation, capable to be a lovely background or a spectacular show according to the viewer’s wish.

In all styles, all directions, in style – Russian!

 Telecafe. Channel of gourmet premieres. 

Telecafe – is a food channel, which showcases it as an element of prestige and a source of esthetic pleasure. This channel was made for everyone who considers cooking a form of art and pure pleasure.­ Telecafe looks at the diversity of national cultures with through the eyes of a gourmand and tries to evoke positive emotions through creating exceptional flavors.

Big names of haute cuisine, ethnic, molecular and auteur cuisine, restaurant business, best chefs, pastry chefs and sommeliers – all these professional are sharing their gastronomic memories, cookery impressions, kitchen secrets. Telecafe offers an intellectual approach to gastronomy and cookery, fresh look on food, products and their preparation process. Telecafe will open up a tasty side of life to you!

Telecafe. A tasteful channel.

 Vremya. All about wonderful people’s lives.

Vremya - is a unique historical and biographical channel on wonderful people’s lives, great coevals and legendary personalities of the past: actors, athletes, musicians, politicians and scientists.

Each day on Vremya you can watch auteur and biography programs, shows about legendary people and epoch-making events, Russian and  foreign documentary series, precious materials from the Gosteleradio Fund and Channel One.

In 2009, channel Vremya was awarded the most prestigious European award in satellite television – Hot Bird TV Award – as “the best documentary channel”. An author of  Vremya’s many successful auteur programs, Oleg Nesterov, also received an award from established jury of National prize in satellite, cable and internet television “Golden ray” in 2010.

Vremya – history and lives of wonderful people.