Baltijas Mediju Alianse (BMA) employees are one of our main assets. The Baltic team BMA includes over 200 talented professionals. We grow and evolve; hence, our doors are open to energetic and promising specialists who are passionate about their job. If you are looking for a new job, you are interested in creative work and you want to use your skills to have an impact on the course of the company, then you are in the right place.

BMA media group is one of the market leaders and meets the needs of the most demanding audiences. We do our job with enthusiasm, pleasure, and creativity. We are constantly increasing the number of our media services, expanding within the linear television, and now also in the digital area. We need committed and creative people to help us stay at the forefront. Since we sell entertainment, the happier we feel ourselves at what we are doing, the better results we have! We seek people who are eager to participate in creating mass media of tomorrow even today. From scheduling, news production and up to technical tasks in the broadcasting studio, marketing, and digital media – BMA can provide a wide range of offerings.

We are always searching for new talents who can inspire new ideas and projects – an earnest of more to come. Your unique knowledge and vision can help us better understand and fit this ever-changing world. Change us – we believe that every change is to the good.

Your previous experience is not always of importance. What matters is your individuality and attitude to work coupled with knowledge, imagination, and commitment. We invite people from all over the Baltics to join our team. Our goal for each vacancy is to find the best candidate possible. Your ethnic background, religious or any other affiliation or status makes no difference; it is your capability of performing the job required that is important.

Whatever career path you want to pursue, we are able to support you. Wherever you want to go, we can guide you. BMA has trained many current figures in the Baltic media business and other areas. BMA wants our staff to be the best in their profession. And honestly, that’s the way it is. So, BMA can take you closer to fulfilment of your career dreams.

Flexible HR management decisions will always help finding the most appropriate solutions to daily business challenges. Furthermore, on a regular basis, at least once a year, we conduct pan-Baltic BMA team buildings, with a different scenario each time. It includes trainings, brainstorming sessions, intellectual business games, as well as physical activities and competitions. The aim is to help overcome any communication difficulties in informal surroundings, share best practice, establish more direct and trust-based relationship among all units, and bring our colleagues’ talents to light.

There are currently no job vacancies available.

Positions with constant or more frequent competition:

Media planner

Broadcasting studio engineer


TV journalist

Media advertising sales manager

You can send us your CV and cover letter specifying a desired position. We will contact you for a suitable vacancy in future.