Baltijas Mediju Reklāma (BMR) assists Baltic based clients in the positioning of the     whole range of BMA promotional products and services. BMR caters to virtually every service providing our clients with a solution to take their projects from the principal photography stages through to final product and multi-channel distribution. Laboratory services, dailies, telecine, scanning and digital intermediates. Creative authoring, online editing, and visual effects. Sound authoring, editing, effects, music, and mixing. DVD compression, authoring, and the creation of value-added material.

• Advertising
Baltijas Mediju Reklāma’s (Baltic Media Advertising) is primarily focused on the creation, production and the arrangement of commercials for the following TV channels: FBC, RЕN Baltic, along with advertisement distribution in the following tabloids: MK-Latvia and MK-Estonia covering all the Baltic countries.

• Sponsorship
BMR offers a wide range of sponsorship projects depending on the channels’ content delivering the highest ratings: from the positioning of sponsor logos to the implementation of complex projects which integrate the branding of a sponsor branding into programs thus increasing its efficiency.