BMA Requests International Organisations to Evaluate the Actions of the Latvian and Lithuanian Regulators



Baltijas Mediju Alianse informs about notifying the OSCE Committee on the Freedom of the Media and the European Parliament about the aspirations of the regulatory authorities of Latvia and Lithuania to restrict the broadcasting of some channels of the Baltijas Mediju Alianse media holding and the initiated actions, as well as has asked the aforementioned organisations to evaluate the actions of the regulators.

In a similar situation with Russian channels in Ukraine, the OSCE Representative on the Freedom of the Media Dunya Miyatovich appealed to the regulatory authorities not to initiate repressive measures with regard to the broadcasting of these channels, “The banning of programmes with no legal grounds is a form of censorship; national security interests must not be observed at the expense of freedom of the media. In spite of the fact that I denounce any form of state propaganda and hatred as part of an information war, everyone has the right to obtain information from any number of sources he wants. Cutting off or banning channels is not a way of solving these problems; any potentially problematic declarations must be opposed by arguments and other declarations.”