On the Possible Application of Sanctions with regard to PBK and Other Media of BMA


It is known that currently NEPLP is evaluating a possibility of imposing sanctions on PBK broadcasting, as well as inspiring foreign media regulators to take measures with regard to some TV channels of other jurisdictions. This is accompanied by an information campaign in Latvia which discredits ВМА channels. We offer all parties involved in this campaign to refrain from evaluative judgments until the publication of the official decision of NEPLP.  

Baltijas Mediju Alianse and Pirmais Baltijas Kanāls are currently working on an application to the court with a claim against officials of the Latvian Council on electronic media and other Latvian officials involved in media supervision for the dissemination of information which does not correspond to reality, disorients the community and discredits Pirmais Baltijas Kanāls and other media of the ВМА holding.