BMA launches the largest thematic TV package in the Baltic market


TEM LV, a unit of the Media Group “Baltijas Mediju Alianse” (BMA), in March 2019 launches a new TV channel offering “The First Baltic Package” to Baltic operators and TV viewers.

The First Baltic Package (FBP) is currently the largest thematic package in the Baltics with 21 channels of different genres and interests – movies and TV shows, sport events, content for children, the most delicious culinary channels, and the best lifestyle channels!

“The First Baltic Package” includes content of Russia “First Channel”: “Дом Кино Премиум”, “Время”, “Карусель”, “Музыка Первого”, “Телекафе”, “Бобёр” , “Поехали!”, “Телеканал О!”; “RED MEDIA” channels “КИНОМИКС”, “КИНОСЕРИЯ”, “КИНОКОМЕДИЯ”, “НАШЕ НОВОЕ КИНО”, “РОДНОЕ КИНО”, “ИНДИЙСКОЕ КИНО”, “КУХНЯ ТВ”, “БОКС ТВ”, “БОКС ТВ”, “M-1 GLOBAL” , “КВН ТВ” and “НТВ” thematic channels “НТВ Право”, “НТВ Стиль” and “НТВ Сериал”.

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